The Disclaimer Statement

The Disclaimer Statement:

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California residents: Click Here for Proposition 65 warning.

Prop 65 is a law requires companies to inform California residents to post warnings about products sold within California contain certain levels of identified chemicals.

Prop 65 published a list of approximately 900 naturally occurring and synthetic chemicals that are known to increase the risk of cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm when exposure is high or frequent.

Prop 65 does not indicate whether certain products are “safe” or “unsafe” to consume. The fact is the levels of chemicals under Prop 65 warnings are significantly lower than limits that the FDA has indicated as safe for consumption.


1. 本网站所售产品均为第三方产品,说明资讯均来自第三方,本网站作为展示销售平台,并不保证所有产品的功能,疗效,准确性,安全性。您有责任了解我们展示的产品在您所在国家和区域是否可以销售。 我们邮寄全球,但是不保证所售产品在您所在地区合法销售。


2. 我们的所有医生均在中国有执业医师资格证或在美国有针灸医师资格证。本网站为中间平台负责确认医生的资质,对接病患与医生。但是我们不保证医生的临床医疗水平。


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4. 本网站仅提供公共卫生和有关针灸、中药、食疗方面的信息、知识,这些不能用作替代医疗机构和家庭医生对病人健康和疾病状况的建议、诊断和治疗。读者不应依赖本站提供的信息来解决健康问题。任何有关您的健康问题请联系您的家庭医生或医疗机构。本站所有内容,包括文字,图片,照片,视频,旨在提供一般信息。读者无权根据这些信息追究法律责任。读者不同意此免责声明不应浏览这些网页。


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